How do I verify my bank account using a verification code?

Before you can deliver time-sensitive payments, you must verify your bank account with a code. This helps us confirm that you’re the account holder and ensures that your transactions are always safe and secure. 

To begin the verification process, open a new tab or window, and log into your bank account—or your bank’s mobile application, if available.

Navigate to your bank account’s recent transaction history and find a single micro-deposit of $0.01 from There should be a verification code displayed within the transaction details of the deposit. Depending on your bank, you might need to click or tap on this transaction to reveal its details.

You know you have found the verification code if you see a code that meets the following criteria:

  • Begins with the characters “S” and “M”
  • Is six characters long
  • Characters following “SM” are letters or numbers will prompt you to input the code—so enter the remaining four letters or numbers following “SM”. For your convenience, “SM” will be pre-filled for you.

Note that the verification code will expire after 10 days. If you believe it has expired, please contact our support team for assistance.

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