Are locations who accept Section 8 or Housing vouchers posted on the website?

NOTE: If you wish to file a complaint regarding fair housing violations, refer to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's online complaint page for more information.

Yes, there are listings on for a range of incomes and needs, including Section 8 and housing vouchers. That said, because of Fair Housing laws, listings cannot contain the term 'Section 8.' 

Filter by  Affordability to find these types of listings

  • To start, run a search where you'd like to live
  • When the map appears, click the More icon
  • Under Affordability, filter by Low Income housing

Search filters on>
	 Keep in mind that listings on 
	<a href=Listings on are user managed, so it's the property owner or manager who decides whether or not such vouchers are accepted.  

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