What should I know before signing a lease?

So you've found the dream apartment, the perfect place to call home, now it's crucial to begin on the right foot!

To ensure that you and your future property manager get the best start, be sure to consider a few of these things before signing and finalizing the lease:

  • Have you fully reviewed the lease terms? Don't allow assumptions to be your guide. If there is anything you want or expect from the property manager that is not in writing, ask and find out if it will be provided. If it is, get it added to the lease. 
  • Get to know your landlord? As a renter, there is a possibility you will have to perform a criminal and credit background check. You should likewise find out who is managing the property to be certain you can get in touch with them when needed, and to be certain you're dealing with a reputable company or individual. 
  • Think about moving out as you move in. To ensure you get your security deposit back, perform your due diligence before moving in. Take a tour of the property, and if necessary, take photos as proof of the condition of the unit before you moved into the domicile. 
  • Are utilities accounted for? The cost of living can be burdensome, so be sure to fully review what utilities are included and what are not. 
  • Get to know the rules and policies. To avoid future troubles, find out the rules pertaining to guests, noise, personalizing the home and community etiquette.

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