When will my property manager receive my payment?

(For renters)

Once your payment starts processing through Apartments.com, the status will change from "Scheduled" to "In-progress" and you can see when your landlord will receive it.

First, go to your Payments tab under Renter tools, then click and expand the payment line item. An "Estimated Arrival" date will appear:

How long do payments take?

  • ACH payments take around 5 business days to post to your landlord's bank.
  • Card payments take around 2-3 business days to post to your landlord's bank.
Tip: If the payment is taking too long to send, your payment may be processing over a weekend or on a holiday which aren't considered business days.

Why hasn't any money been taken out yet?

ACH processing can vary a bit between banks, but most customers see their payment debited from their checking account after 1 business day. 

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