How do I leave a review?

Reviews are popular because there's no better way of judging a service or product than seeing what other consumers have to say about it. 

On, a review can be left on properties with more than four units. You'll see the option to leave a review underneath the property's contact information section. To ensure reviews comply with our Terms of Service and provide accurate information, all submitted reviews go through a review moderation. 

Here are some ways to avoid your review being flagged: 

  • Appropriate language - Reviews can't contain profanity or symbols that stand in for such language. Additionally, personal and racially derogatory language isn't permitted. 
  • Stay on subject - When describing your experience with a community, keep the topic of the review about the property, management, neighborhood or activities within the area. Reviews on other topics could be rejected due to relevance. 
  • Fair Housing - Language on must be compliant with the Fair Housing Act. Some common phrases that should be avoided is mention of government vouchers, preference in housing due to race/religion/ethnicity, or discriminatory language about handicapped people. 
  • Competitor references - Avoid directing others to websites outside of the Network. References to other websites should be done offline. 

Reviews can be retracted or removed by going back to the listing where it was left and selecting to remove it. Only the person who left the review can opt to remove it from the website. 

If you contest a review, please give us a call at 888-658-7368 Ext. 2 for further steps that can be taken. 

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