How do I submit a review?

Reviews are popular because one of the best ways of gauging a service or product is to read what other consumers have to say about their experience!

On, a review can be submitted on properties that have more than four units. Reviews are not accepted for single family rental homes. You'll see the option to leave a review underneath the property's contact information section. To help ensure that reviews content complies with our Terms of Service and Terms of Use, all review submissions undergo moderation by a series of filters. Submissions do not immediately post. Moderated content that successfully passes through the site filters typically posts within five business days, depending upon the volume of submissions received.

Writers are required to indicate agreement with our Terms at the time of submission. We, therefore, encourage all writers to thoroughly read our Terms of Service and Terms of Use before clicking the 'submit' button to transmit their review.  Keep in mind that the review should focus on the apartment community and your experience living or visiting there. Below are a few common errors that can cause a submission to be rejected: 

  • Inappropriate language - Reviews cannot contain profanity or symbols that stand in for such language. Additionally, name calling and other types of offensive and derogatory language are not permitted. 
  • Use of 3rd party names -  Full names of individuals other than yourself are not permitted.
  • Lack of focus - When describing your experience at a community, keep the focus of the review limited to the property, overall management, neighborhood, or activities within the local area. Content on extraneous topics are subject to rejection.
  • Fair Housing violations - Language on must comply with the Fair Housing Act. Common content that should be avoided is the mention of government vouchers (Section 8), preference or discrimination allegations in housing due to race/religion/ethnicity, etc. Please refer to the Fair Housing Act link above for additional information and contact information for HUD.
  • External references - Avoid including names of competing communities and management companies. The naming of (or directing others to) other websites, links, email addresses, or phone numbers is strictly prohibited. 

There is no ability to edit a review, nor is there any option to upload photos; therefore, reviews encouraging the public to look at your attached images will not publish. Any author who wishes to have his or her published review removed from the site should send a request to and provide the community name, community address, title of the review, and the email address used to submit the review.

If you have questions regarding reviews, please email us at

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