How do I create a Maintenance request?

Maintenance Requests allow you to quickly notify your landlord of issues that require maintenance.

How do I start?

1. Go to your Maintenance tab and select "New Issue"

2. Then you can provide your landlord with some details about the issue: 
Subject: A short, clear title describing the issue. Example: "Kitchen sink is leaking" 
Add a Message: A full description of the issue. Example: “There's a leak under the kitchen sink and a lot of water is starting to gather in the cabinet!"
Add photos: This allows you to add photos or videos illustrating the problem 

Note: The Max file size is 30MB and you can upload formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF, MOV or MP4.

3. You'll also have the option to select whether your property owner/manager has permission to enter your rental without giving prior notice to look at the issue you've described.
4. When you’ve added all of the details, you can select “Create Request” to submit it. 

What happens next?

Once you submit the request, a notification email is sent to the property owner/manager and everyone on the lease.
They'll be able to reply to that email and send you a message or they can view your maintenance issue on their account.
Both you and the property owner/manager can send messages on open Maintenance Requests from your accounts. This allows you to ask and answer questions, or provide updates. Whenever someone sends a message, a notification email is sent to everyone else involved.

Once the issue has been resolved, you or your property owner/manager can close the request, and this will send one last notification email letting everyone know that it's finished. 

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