What's two-factor authentication?

Securing your account is a top priority at Apartments.com. Every Apartments.com account has a two-factor authentication that gives your account two layers of protection. That means if someone gets your password without your permission, your account will still be secure. 

To access certain areas of your account, you'll need to enter a one-time code that we'll send to your email address. You can also add a phone number to be verified via text message.

The default verification code is sent to your email address

When you're asked for a verification code, stay on that page! This page is where you will enter the code you receive from Apartments.com. If you close out of this page, your verification code will become invalid. 

  • You'll automatically receive your two-step verification code by email in a few minutes. Make sure you have access to the email account you use to log in to Apartments.com. 
  • Check your email in a separate browser tab or window. The email is from noreply@auth.apartments.com and says "Your one-time access code." 
  • Enter the code in the box and click Verify to access your Apartments.com account. 

How to get a verification code sent to your phone

If you've set up two-step authentication already and want to add or change the phone number where you receive the code, here's how:

  1. On the two-factor authentication page, check the box that says, "Add a phone number to receive your code via text message next time."
  2. Add your phone number on the following screen.
  3. You will be asked, "How would you like to receive your access code?" Choose Text Message (SMS).
  4. You will automatically receive a verification code by text message within a few minutes. 

Contact Customer Support

If you need further assistance with setting up two-factor authentication, please reach out to customer support at support@apartments.com or by phone at 1 (888) 658-7368.

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