What are Common Issues when Applying Online?

Applying for a rental has never been easier. With online applications offered by Apartments.com, you can have a seamless, touch-free experience renting a new place to live. 

As you're searching for a new home, please keep some of these tips in mind if you get hung up in the application and screening process: 

  • Unfinished Co-applicant/Guarantor - The most common reason a property manager might not be able to view a consumer report is an outstanding co-applicant. If you added any additional residents over the age of 18, be sure they complete their portion of the application because the property manager won't be able to see anything until everyone is done. 
  • ID Verification - Before anyone can view a consumer report, all parties will need to be ID verified, including both renter and property manager. If you haven't been verified, this could hold up the completion of an application. ID verification should be triggered the first time you visit the Application section of the website. 
  • Incomplete Application - The system will not publish an uncompleted application. Be sure to fully complete the application for it to be visible to the property manager. 
  • Unpaid Application - If the application is unpaid, it won't be submitted for review. The option to pay will be the last prompt in the submission process. 
  • Mixed Credit File - To submit a credit report for review, you will need to be ID-verified. If the ID questions do not reflect you or your past history, it could be that you're being mixed up with someone else. Please reach out to TransUnion for additional steps if the verification questions aren't related to you: 800-916-8800
  • Naturalized Citizen - If you're a newer citizen, a credit file might not be generated for you yet. Please reach out to TransUnion if they require further documents. In the event that TransUnion cannot verify you, you will have to reach out to the property manager for your next steps. 
  • Green Card/Student Visa - Much like a mixed file or being a new citizen, if you're temporarily in the country on a visa, you will have to reach out directly to TransUnion so that you can be verified manually before a consumer report is provided. In the event that TransUnion cannot verify you, you will have to reach out to the property manager for your next steps. 
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