How do I make a one-time payment?

(For renters)

You can make a one-time payment to your manager at any time. One-time payments are great for things like utility bills or late fees.

You can also schedule one-time payments to pay your rent if you don't want to opt for Auto Pay.

To set up a one-time payment

  1. Go to your Payments page
  2. Click Make a payment
  3. Enter:
    • the account you'd like to pay out of 
    • what the payment is for
    • the amount you're paying
    • the date we should start processing your payment
  4. Click Schedule One-Time Payment

Once your payment has been scheduled, it will appear under “Upcoming” on your Payments page. Same-day payments will normally appear in the "Upcoming" section for about 1-2 hours before they start processing. When the payment starts, we’ll notify you and your manager by email, and the payment will change to "In-Progress."

Once the payment starts processing, your Current Balance will adjust to reflect how much you're sending.

To cancel a scheduled one-time payment 

  1. Go to your Payments page
  2. Click to expand the payment line you want to remove
  3. Click Delete
  4. Click Yes, delete payment to confirm

Your payment will disappear from your ledger once it's been deleted.

Note: You can only cancel a scheduled payment. Once a payment is "In-progress", we are unable to cancel this payment. 
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