The Current Balance is wrong. What's going on?

(For renters)

On your  Payments page, you’ll see a large number written at the top of the page. This number is your Current Balance, and it reflects the difference between all of the Bills and all of the Payments. Balances include payments, plus bills and credits added by your manager. A positive balance means you owe money, while a negative balance (-) means you overpaid or paid ahead of time. Balances don’t include upcoming payments or charges.

If this is a negative number, such as “-$100.00”, it means you have currently paid $100.00 more than your manager has billed you for as of today. 

Common reasons for a negative Current Balance: 

  • You paid rent early, and the next bill simply isn’t due yet.
  • Your manager gave you a credit that has not yet been applied.
  • You overpaid, or sent a payment that was not necessary.
  • You made a payment that your manager requested, but your manager has not added a bill yet in

If this is a positive number, such as “$100.00”, it means you have currently paid $100.00 less than your manager has billed you for.

Common reasons for a positive Current Balance:

  • Your manager added a bill that you have not paid yet.
  • You paid your manager outside of, and they have not recorded that payment yet.
  • You paid less than you were billed for.
  • You received a late fee and did not adjust your payment to cover the extra amount.

How do I fix this?

If you have a positive Current Balance and you do actually need to pay more, you can make a one-time payment at anytime. 

If you believe that the Current Balance number is wrong and you're all paid up, you’ll want to contact your manager directly. Only your manager can add or remove bills, credits, or offline payments, so they’re your best bet. If your manager isn’t sure why the balance the way it is, they can contact Apartment's support team for help. 

If you believe that you have paid more than you needed to, you’ll want to ask your manager how they’d like to resolve this. They may refund you outside of, allow you to adjust your next payment to be less, or another option entirely.

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