What info do I need to apply? Is this site secure?

Apartments.com has incorporated best practice industry security measures to protect and safeguard your personal information. 

Your information is secure and any information you enter like your SSN or ITIN is used to verify your identity in order to run your TransUnion screening reports. It is never shared with the property lister, and it's not stored in Apartments.com. 

What information do I need to enter?

For the rental application:

The application is similar to what you'd find on a standard paper rental application. You'll be asked details about:

  • Your name and contact info, and preferred move in date.
  • Any co-applicants, minors, guarantors, or pets who will be living with you. 
  • Residence history, employment & income details, and references.
  • Identification info, and any vehicle information

→ See an example application

For the screening reports:

Have your SSN or ITIN on hand–you'll need this in order to verify your identity and run your TransUnion screening reports. Learn more here on how to verify your identity.

You'll then be asked to answer a few security questions from your credit file. For example, you may be asked about a city you lived in or where you've banked. 

Who can see my application and reports?

Before viewing your application, the property lister of any rentals you apply to must verify their identity with TransUnion. They'll only be able to view the last four digits of the SSN and your birth year. Consumer report information cannot be accessed by or shared with any third party vendors.

Your personal identifying details cannot be seen by anyone else, including Apartments.com. 

Your Consumer Report will be accessible for 60 days after the information is pulled and you'll have 30 days to apply to up to 10 listings. 

Note: Property listers do not have the ability to download your reports from Apartments.com
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