How do I tour an apartment online?

Looking for an apartment but unable to tour the perfect place in-person? Don't worry– here's some tips on how to find and tour your future home on without having to leave the comfort of your current place!

Search for listings that offer video and 3D tours: 

On, you'll be able to narrow down what you're looking for by price, bedrooms/bathrooms, and more. Once you've entered your criteria, don't forget to select  Sort and select from the drop-down box your preference on how you'd like to view the matching listings. 

  • By selecting Video, you'll be able to quickly see which listings have a video tour of the unit and property.
  • Be selecting, 3D Tour, you'll enter an interactive touring experience as if you were walking through the place and seeing it with your own eyes.

drop-down box when selecting the Sort button

Note: Another way to look for listings that offer virtual tours is by checking to see if it has a Play button or a 3D Tours button.

photo that has Play button in bottom left corner and the 3D button in the bottom right corner

Ask for a virtual tour:

If a listing doesn't include a video or 3D tour, contact the property and ask if they can give you a tour via Facetime or if they can email you a video tour.

You can contact the property by:

  • Calling them at the number displayed on the listing or
  • Entering your details and sending an email through our website

I'm interested in an apartment– what's next?

Once you've contacted the property and they're able to schedule a live online tour, we recommend virtually coming prepared with a list of questions.

Check out some great questions our team thinks will help you make the right decision when touring an apartment virtually.

Applying to rentals on is easy and just takes a few minutes. Learn more about how to apply to your future home here.

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