How to apply to rentals through

Searching for a new place can be tough, but finding your perfect place is possible! Applying to rentals through is easy and just takes a few minutes.

For $29.00 (plus tax), you can apply to 10 participating listings for up to 30 days. Fill out your application once, and we'll save your info in case you want to apply to more places. Your reusable application also includes comprehensive screening reports such as a credit report and background check from TransUnion

How applications work

You can apply to any listing with an "Apply" option. 

When you submit an application, it's securely shared with the listing's property owner or manager. will let them know you've applied and they can review your application right away.

→ See an example application

What info do I need to apply?

Important: If you cannot be verified online for an application, you need to call TransUnion at 866-755-0961. After being verified, you will need to reapply to the listing.

You'll enter details about yourself, including: 

  • Your name, contact info, and preferred move-in date
  • Any co-applicants, minors, guarantors, or pets who will be living with you 
  • Residence history, employment, and income details, and references
  • Identification info
  • Vehicle information

Tip: Have your SSN or ITIN on hand. You'll need this in order to verify your identity and run your TransUnion screening reports. Learn more here on how to verify your identity.

You'll then be asked to answer a few security questions from your credit file. For example, you may be asked about a city you lived in or where you've banked. Your information is secure and is only used to verify your identity in order to provide your TransUnion screening reports. It's never shared with the property owner, and it's not stored on 

→ See an example credit report

→ See an example eviction report

→ See an example criminal report


How do I check the status of my application? 

You can check the status of your application under the "Find a Rental" dashboard and selecting Applications. Here you’ll see all the applications you’ve started and submitted, and if your application has been accepted or not. Learn more

Can I apply to multiple rentals at the same time? 

Yes, you can apply to other participating listings at the same time. The $29.00 (plus tax) price lets you apply to 10 places. 

How do I apply with others? 

When you apply, you’ll be asked if you’re applying with co-applicants, minors, or adding a guarantor to your application. You'll need to add your co-applicant's and guarantor's email addresses when you apply, so be sure to have those handy. They'll then get an invite to apply with you through Your info will all be grouped together, so the property owner can view your application together. 

Anyone living at the rental above the age of 18 is considered a co-applicant. Minors are considered anyone under the age of 18 who will live in the rental. A guarantor is a person who personally guarantees the financial obligations of the lease but isn’t living at the rental.

Does submitting an application affect my credit score? 

Nope, a credit report through will not lower your credit score. This is because when you order your own credit report, this is considered a soft credit check. A soft credit inquiry has no effect on your credit score. 

What if my application isn't accepted? 

Your application is re-shareable, which means you can apply to 10 participating rentals for no additional cost for up to 30 days. To continue applying for rentals, visit and look for listings that say “Apply Now."

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