How much does it cost to apply? is a great one-stop shop for a new place to live, and the newly redesigned Apply Now feature is here to assist you with applying to your favorite rentals.

What is Apply Now?

Apply Now is a one-time, $29.00 + tax payment with 10 ready-to-use applications that allow you to apply for rentals on for up to 30 days. Each purchase comes with a consumer report provided by TransUnion┬« that is good for up to 60 days. Apply Now applications can be purchased directly on by selecting Apply Now on any participating listing.

Note: Apply Now applications are only valid for applying to properties directly on 3rd-party applications are not included in this purchase.

How do I tell the difference between applications and 3rd-party applications?

Identifying applications

Apply Now applications are exclusively associated with listings with green Apply buttons. These listings include house, townhome, condo, and apartment rentals leased by independent owners or property managers.

Selecting Apply on these listings directs you to an internal service to start the application process. Completing that process for one of these listings consumes a ready-to-use application from your total application amount.

Identifying 3rd-party applications

3rd-party applications are easily identifiable by listings with white Apply Now buttons and external link icons.

Selecting Apply Now on these listings directs you to an external property website to start a 3rd-party application. Your 10 ready-to-use applications are not used after completing an application on these websites.

Important: You may incur additional fees, credit checks, or background checks using an application service through a 3rd party.

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