What are my Residences?

With  Residences, you can see your rental details all in one place.

Located under My Home, you'll be able to access:

  • Your lease term
  • Your property manager's contact details
  • Any contact details for your roommates or people who share the rental with you
  • Monthly rent amount
  • Lease documents

If your property owner has sent you a lease to sign, you can access that directly on this page and sign the lease with an electronic signature.

Learn more tips here about signing a lease.

If you see that your name or contact information is incorrect, you can correct that anytime by clicking on "Edit" next to your name under Residents.

Tip: Whenever the property owner makes a change to your lease, you'll receive an email notification from Apartments.com. We recommend you avoid blocking Apartments.com or marking us as spam to ensure that you'll receive these important notifications.

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