How do I split rent with roommates?

If you're paying with roommates, you can split the rent however you'd like! You'll just need each roommate to set up their own payments in 

When your property owner adds their payment terms to, they'll list the total monthly rent due. On your end you'll want to:

1. Accept the invitation to pay rent through 
2. Set up your payments to pay just the amount you're responsible for (and your roommates will want to do the same).

Note: All renters still see the full amount of rent due when looking at their Payments page, but you'll only ever pay the portion that you've set yourself up to pay.

Roommates on the same rent collection can see who in the group has scheduled or sent a payment. Only the payer's name and payment amount can be seen by roommates and the property owner—no banking or private info is ever shared in

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