How do I stop my in-progress payment?

Unfortunately, we're not able to stop a payment once it's started processing. 

When a payment begins processing, it immediately starts working its way through the ACH network or debit/credit card system. 

In other words, it's like trying to retrieve a letter after you drop it in the USPS mailbox.

Is there anything I can do?

If you need your checking account payment stopped, the best option is to reach your bank immediately to see if they can stop the payment on your behalf. 

Time is of the essence with stop payment requests, so it's crucial that you contact your bank ASAP.

Keep in mind that most banks charge for that service (usually around $30). However, it might be preferable to your account being overdrawn, or to making a payment you'd rather not.

Other steps you can take

  • After contacting your bank, consider talking to your property owner. Property owners aren't able to send or return the money through, but you could ask them to return the money outside of 
  • If you want your payment to count for next month's rent, be sure to skip your next payment if you're using AutoPay.
  • If you want to stop Auto Pay entirely, you can do that from the Rental Details of your Payments page. 
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