How do I remove a Co-Applicant?

Typos and errors occur in life, but luckily there's a way to get a co-applicant removed if you didn't mean to add one or if circumstances have changed. Removing the co-applicant will immediately make the Primary applicant's information visible for review. 

Please note that the co-applicant can only be removed by the Primary Applicant. Here are some steps on how to get this accomplished: 

  1. First, visit and sign into the account as the Primary Applicant. 
  2. Go to the Menu
  3. Select Find a Rental and then Applications
  4. Click the circle with a minus beside the name of the Co-applicant to remove them
  5. A message will appear asking you to confirm if you want to remove the Co-applicant

Once this has been completed, as long as the Primary and all other applicants/guarantors have completed their part, the property manager should be able to review that information to take an action. 

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