How do I apply a credit to my rent payment?

(For renters)

If your property manager has added a credit to your balance, you'll want to do three things to adjust your payments and apply the credit:

1. Skip your next Auto Pay payment. You can find steps to skip a payment in this FAQ.

2. Schedule a one-time payment for a reduced amount. This allows you to pay less for your next payment in order to account for the credit your manager has given you. You can find steps for sending one-time payments here.

3. Check your Payments page under the “Upcoming” section to confirm that your next payment is scheduled for the right amount, and your next regular, automatic rent payment is scheduled for the right month.

Keep in mind that credits can only be applied to future payments, and they won’t actually transfer any money. If your manager needs to return any funds back to you, they’ll need to do that outside of

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