Require a refund after applying to a property?

Applying online to a rental is an easy and safe means of getting screened. Here are some things to consider before you apply or if you’re having issues with the service on

1. We recommend speaking with or emailing the property lister before you apply online. This way, the lister is aware that you're interested in applying and sharing your screening reports with them and you'll be able to confirm if the rental is still available.

To contact the property lister, click on Contact in the listing to email them or call the number on the listing:

2. The $29.00 purchase for your consumer reports comes with 10 application attempts. If your application wasn't accepted on your first try, you have 9 additional consumer reports that can be used at other rentals without having to pay $29.00 again!

3. cannot and does not guarantee refunds; however, if you need to request one, please reach out to our Customer Care Team and they will forward your request over to our Refund Department to investigate your claim.

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