Did I make a payment?

Apartments.com will send you an email confirmation whenever you send a payment. You can also check on your payments anytime from your account. Here's how!

First, visit your  Payments tab and select View Payments on the rent setup you'd like to check. 

A bill will appear in orange and a payment will appear in green.

How to tell if your payment is sending

Any of your current or future payments will be under the In-Progress & Upcoming section. If your payment is sending, you'll see it labeled In-Progress. If it's upcoming, it'll be labeled as Scheduled.

Note: You'll also see Bills in Apartments.com. These are orange with the status Due ON, and tell you what's due and when. Payments and Bills are not the same thing! To pay a Bill, you need to make a Payment. Learn how to make a one-time payment or setup automatic payments.

Payments take a few days to process, so you may not have seen the money pulled from your account just yet if your payment is still In-Progress.

  • Checking account ACH payments take about 5 business days to process. It usually takes about 3 business days for a debit to clear your account, and another 2 business days to deposit to your property manager
  • Credit and debit card payments take about 2 business days for your payment to deposit to your property manager

Completed payments

Below the In-Progress & Upcoming section, you will have a historical record of payments that have been made. Once your payment is posted to your property owner's bank account, you'll see it in this section. 

Tip: Once a bill (in orange) comes due, it'll automatically move to the Completed section– this doesn't mean that you've sent a payment or your payment has finished sending. You'll need to specifically check for a payment (in green) to ensure that your payment has finished.

Failed payments

If you see that your payment has the status "Failed," that means your payment wasn't successful. In most cases, a payment fails due to insufficient funds in your bank account. Apartments.com will send you and your property owner an email whenever a payment fails.

Apartments.com won't automatically retry your payment, so you'll need to setup a one-time payment if you want to pay through Apartments.com. Learn how to make a one-time payment

Cancelled payments

This means your payment won't process. If you'd still like to pay this, you can set up a one-time payment to your landlord.

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