How do I verify my bank account?

(For renters)

You can connect your bank account using your online banking site or by manually entering your bank details. 

Before we start sending payments from that bank account, we need to make sure that you're the account holder! If you link your bank account using your online bank login, it'll be automatically verified. But, we don't support logins for all banks right now, so you might need to enter in your account and routing number to link your account. 

Below is what you'll need to do if you've added your account manually using your account and routing numbers.

We'll send you two small deposits

When you enter a new bank account we'll send two small deposits (both less than $1), to your bank account within 1-3 business days.

Note: These deposits that we send temporarily will be pulled back a week later. Make sure you have enough money in your bank account or you might overdraft!

And when they arrive in ~3 days, enter the amounts in 

Once you see these amounts in your bank account, enter them on your  Banks & Cards by clicking on "Verify Amounts." 

Note: You only have 10 attempts to verify, so entering random guesses will lead to a lockout. If you're sure you're entering the right amounts, and it's still not working, email our team for help. 

If the amounts are correct, your account is automatically verified

If the two amounts you enter are correct, your bank account will be immediately verified and the process will be complete. 

Tip: Any scheduled payments that are pending due to the bank verification process will start processing shortly after you verify your bank account.  

It's been 3 business days - where are the deposits?

If you only see one deposit, contact your bank to help locate them. Sometimes banks combine amounts this small. 

If you see a  "Deposits failed" message, this means that we couldn't locate a bank account using the details you entered. Try re-adding your bank account and we'll resend the small deposits.

If it's been over a week since you connected your bank account, we've probably pulled the deposits back since these were temporary. Try checking your bank account around the time you entered your account details, as your bank should still have a record of what was deposited.

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