How do I verify my bank account?

You can easily connect your bank account using your online banking site or by manually entering your bank details. 

Before we can accept payments from your bank account, we need to make sure that you're the account holder. If you link your bank account using your online bank login, it is automatically verified after you successfully log in to the account. However, not all banks are currently accepted on, so logging in through your bank account may not be possible. In this case, you must enter your bank account and routing number manually.

Follow the steps below to verify your bank account manually:

We'll send you a small deposit with an SM code attached.

Once you've added your account information, we'll send one small deposit (less than one dollar) to your bank account within one to three business days.

Note: will pull back the small deposit approximately one week later.

When the deposit arrives, find the attached SM code. 

Once you see the deposit in your bank account, open the deposit details and locate the SM code in the memo line. The code will start with "SM" followed by a four digit character code.

Note: The four digit character code could be a combination of numbers and letters

Enter the SM code in

Go back to, sign into your account, and then go to Banks & Cards to verify the code. 

Important: You only have 10 attempts to verify your bank account before you are locked out. If you're entering the right code and it's still not working, email our support team for help. 

If the code is correct, your account is automatically verified.

If the code you enter on your Banks & Cards page is correct, your bank account will be immediately verified.

Note: Any scheduled payments to your property owner or manager that are pending due to the bank verification process will start processing shortly after you verify your bank account.  

Where is the deposit?

Please allow at least one to three business days for the small deposit to appear in your account. If you still don't see the deposit in your account after this time period: 

  1. Check with your bank to ensure the deposit was not blocked.
  2. If it's been more than four business days since you connected your bank account, has likely pulled the deposit back since it was temporary. Try checking your bank account around the time you entered your account details, as your bank should still have a record of what was deposited. 
  3. If your bank informs you that they haven't received the deposit, the account information you provided in your account may be incorrect. Please sign in to your account and re-add your bank account if this is the case.
Contact Support
If you're able to re-add the account, it means there was probably an error or typo the first time you added it. If you are unable to re-add it, that means you entered the same numbers as before. If that is the case, please contact Customer Support at
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